Rich Mansor

Producer I Engineer I Mixer I Musician
Analog Tape Recording Specialist
Bookings at 619-800-4611
“The Reelest Analog Tape Recording Enthusiasts in Southern California”

Born in San Diego Ca, semi raised in San Diego as a child and as a teenager in Detroit, MI equally. Moved back to the San Diego, CA area In ’07

I have been a musician for over two decades, and a Producer/Engineer for nearly one. It has usually been the most challenging for me to work with Artists that have more or less struggled with “Getting That Sound” they’re looking for prior to working with me, by focusing on creating an environment that can bring out the best from an artist.

100% Non-Believer of “Fix It In The Mix”
Either plant the seeds that can grow into a fruitful tree with colorful branches (we call these tracks in the studio), or re-plant new seeds.
This is as a Producer/Engineer a philosophy of mine that I will preach till the end.

Most musicians seem to hire/inquire about me most for my experience and knowledge in the Analog Tape Recording field. I’m often times quoted as “One of the last Analog Tape Recording Mohican’s”. Not limited to it, but mostly prefer it and is my first choice.

If you’re music doesn’t suck, then make my day. Drop me a line sometime, let’s talk about your project. I’m as humble as they come. Very easy to work with, not pushy by any means. When it’s game time and the reels are spinning and ready to record everything else in the world becomes a blur.

Thank You, look forward to seeing some of you out there sometime.



As many might tell you after working with me the artist usually finds him/herself in a position where they quickly find out that studio gadgets/trickery were merely a fraction of their prior problems all along, IT WAS MOSTLY THEM! and what they became accustomed to understanding from others. Simply put, if an artist or band is placed an environment where they are comfortable in, the results they are looking for will be there, Hand in Fist.

In early 2011 we set out to open shop for a recording studio that would not only meet and compete, but rather exceed the expectations of the typical big dollar studio in town. Having witnessed the financial difficulties of almost every single major musician and production company alike in and around the So Cal-based area, it was my objective to bring the commercial studio to the budget conscious musician, WITHOUT THE COST AND OVERHEAD!