How can we get Raunchola to work with our band?

Quite Simple in Fact. Pending you are serious and ready to do work, it goes like this,

  • Use our Contact form, “Serious Inquiries Please”. [we take referrals with a high regard]
  • You’ll receive a link to upload your .MP3 track to [Track must be labeled accordingly or they will be discarded]
  • If there is a fit for both of us, a formal meeting will be arranged to discuss your project in more detail.
Can we send you a MP3 or Demo of our band? It’s only just to get your guys' opinion on our band and nothing more?

This seems to still come up a whole lot, but unfortunately unless you are sending us something because you have an interest in working with us then please don’t. A record label may be more suitable for that sort of thing. We, like most Audio/Video Companies out there at the end of the day are a “Service Provider”. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to those who you may have worked with before for us to critique the work they did for you. Best way to be nice about this is if you do plan on working with us then of course you may email or send us some of your previously recorded material as a way for us to get acquainted with your band. Stuff like that is “A OK”.


Who/What are some of the Projects Raunchola is currently involved with at the moment?

Please refer to our Discography List page for more info on that topic.

What are some of the Projects Raunchola have previously been involved with?

Please refer to our Discography List page for more info on that topic.

All this stuff sounds really great and exciting guys, but the big question is, How much $$$ does Raunchola Productions charge for all this?

Surprisingly much cheaper than you may think.

Like any other service provider it depends on the project. First off you will need to have at the very least some idea about what it is you want. Studio Time? Photography/Video Shoots, Travel Time and Out Of Pocket Expense on our end, all these are factors in what is reflected in the prices charged for the services provided. Best way to get an idea is to fill out the contact form or get in touch with us directly whether in person or over the phone and from there we can figure out a more formal budget for what it is you are looking to spend. But most importantly any reasonable budget can be accommodated, that is the thing to remember here. Typically our rates are charged by the day and half day, and sometimes pro-rated to hourly if your session finishes before the half day or full day period. There are also seasonal packages that we throw out there sometimes or Ad’s we post with others that will sometimes include discount’s for you. All you have to do is mention the ad in the contact form and the discount will be applied to your overall expense.

I am a reporter/writer and I would like to do an interview. When can we schedule this?

If you would like to do an interview with us and write up some kind of story about Raunchola Productions, just simply get in touch with us using our contact form or give us a call directly via telephone.


So we saw some pictures of the Studio and totally dug it, can we come by and check it out? Maybe talk with you guys about our project in a little more detail?

Yes of course. And again, if you are serious in inquiring about your band or project please either call us directly over the telephone or fill out the form to schedule a date and time to stop by the studio.

Regarding the studio itself, our Studio is like any other professional studio in the sense where it has at least three of the main rooms you would find in any other notable facility (Control Room, Iso-Booth, and Live Room) and they are all completely and totally separate from each other for optimum isolation. We made it a priority from the very beginning to keep costs to the customer down to the lowest possible ratio, but by not compromising on quality all the while.

 Our Studio mostly specializes in the “Analog Format” at the moment and offers the artist a range of choices from Live Direct to 2 Track Recording, and also 8, 16, or 24 track Multi-Track Recording onto one of our Reel to Reel Machines (1/2″ or 2″ tape), followed by Mix-Down to our 1/4″ 2 Track Tape Machine, and also a Digital Safety backup of all your recorded original tracks.  It should be noted that we can employ the usage of a Digital Mix Down of your Multi-Track Tape by request, but in order for this to be accommodated our services would have to be employed at another one of our locations that employs the usage of digital equipment (which is very easily accomplished of course). A digital transfer can easily also be serviced for you at our location. In addition we also do some Tape Baking as well. Regarding our Studio we personally consider this particular facility and the current equipment installed here most suitable for The typical Rock band setup (Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Keys, Horns, Etc).

But don’t take our word for it, schedule an appointment and come see it for yourself.

It was great visiting the Studio, and it really looks cool and all, but really guys be honest now, all studios are the same anyways right?. I mean really, why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on studio time when me and my band could just do it ourselves for free in our bedroom?

Well, this is actually one of the easier questions to answer, and we simply would just answer it with one of our own questions, Are all cars built the same? Are all Doctors and Lawyers the same?

At the end of the day it is up to you guys to decide, “Do we want to do this ourselves? Or do we want to take the next step up in our careers and put our trust in the hands of a real Bonafide Recording Engineer who takes the hassle from the band in having to worry about the engineering side of things while the band can focus on the creative side. So on and so forth… At the end of the day you have to feel that both the studio you are in is going to make you feel creatively “Better” than prior, and that the engineer is going to squeeze out the most soul from your musicality that there is and keep everything intact internally amongst the band members.

Ok so you guys got us there, all studios aren't the same, but what about the Producer/Engineer's role than in the recording process, do i really need to hire one of these guys? Can't Our band just do it ourselves? Plus it wouldn't cost us anything anyways, what's the point of hiring one of these guys when we can just do it on our own?

Again this is almost a question that is often asked and very much overlooked in favor of saving costs almost all the time, but most of the time an artist self records or produces their own record they’ll find themselves at the end pulling out their own teeth and wishing they could start all over again. NEVER NEVER NEVER overlook the role of having a dedicated Producer/Engineer involved in your project.

FYI: The biggest question to answer here really is not whether or not to hire one of these guys, but more or less which Producer/Engineer should i hire to oversee our band’s project from start to finish. In our personal opinion, and we strongly suggest this, it is a wise decision to hire somebody that

  1. Likes the kind of music you are playing (because if he doesn’t how does he expect to know what it is you and your band mates are going after in the first place).
  2. Has some kind of musical outlet of his/her own. It’s much easier to have a Producer/Engineer that is also a musician in addition to being the guy with “The Golden Ears” so to speak.

 The recording process is a very tedious process and often times can be very grueling for everyone involved, many bands while recording in the studio have called it quits in the past due to creative differences during this period, the Producer is often almost the Savior at times and is the one who more or less keeps everybody in check. Don’t cut yourselves and your project short by not hiring this very important person to fill in this much responsible and difficult role.

We keep hearing from other musicians that the mixing board and Multi-Track Machines that are used in the Raunchola Productions Studio are the same ones that were once used to record some of the original Grunge albums that were made back in the day, is this true?

Yes in fact it is, among much of the other equipment. Raunchola Production’s Chief Producer/Engineer Rich Mansor spent many years actually consulting with some of the original Record producers that either took part or produced some of those same records, not to mention being somewhat mentored for many years by them as well. Lastly stating, it was no easy task hunting down a lot of this original equipment either, it took many years to do so. In today’s world of Digital gear it was quite the mission to design a facility that took years and years to accomplish and is almost entirely dedicated to the cause it serves. 

OK, so I'm starting to understand a bit more now about the differences in Studio's and also the role of having a Producer/Engineer in my project. But one thing we wanna know now is this, what's more important, the facility and the gear that's there, Or the guy that's controlling the whole thing?

Always remember this, nothing is more integral to a project yielding sufficient results than the relationship between an Artist(s) and the Producer. Though having the right gear for the task at hand is very important as well, in our humblest opinion the Producer involved in the project is much more important than the gear being used. There is a reason why some of your Specialty Producers out there (ones that specialize in a specific genre even more so) will be called into do a specific project and be paid TOP $$$ for it anywhere around the world, it’s very simple to understand and it goes something like this, what they bring to a project ONLY THEY CAN, their skills come from experience and personal taste, not so much what gear they are using, their skills and aesthetics applied to a project is coming from them at a 80/20% ratio. Again and we state, depending on the project at hand, it is highly advisable to operate on gear that will as much as possible help you get you and your band that certain sound you’re after, but if the guy behind the gear can’t make it happen or isn’t the right man for the task at hand, then you are Out of Luck, stop right there, find the right Producer to work with, establish a good working relationship, and after that, you, your band and your Producer can go to any recording studio anywhere in the world and be able to make great records (pending the right environment of course as well).